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Are You In Your Own Way?

When times get difficult, most of us start feeling a lack of motivation to continue pursuing our goals, whatever and however simple they may be. Even more, when it comes to our big goals, most of us are holding ourselves back as a direct result of our low confidence and lack of self-belief. Namely, during such times, one of the most dangerous patterns of thought that our minds concoct is not believing in ourselves. And how can we expect others to believe in us when even we aren't confident in ourselves? There are a number of harmful ideas that we tend to follow and that only contribute to decreasing our confidence levels, but there are also as many thought patterns that can make us feel more courageous. I want to show you some of the damaging and motivational approaches to self-belief and aiming to make the process of naturally finding inspiration in ourselves easier. Here are some of the attitudes that prevent us from believing in ourselves:

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