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Balancing Hormones

Updated: Mar 19, 2022

Females face many challenges when it comes to hormone fluctuations throughout their monthly and lifetime cycles. Hormonal balance is necessary for keeping everything functioning properly inside the female body. When a woman’s hormones get "out of whack," there are several unwanted consequences that can occur such as fatigue, sudden mood shifts, hot flashes/night sweats, low libido, depression, mid section weight gain, brain fog, etc. This is why 1st Phorm created Harmony which is specifically designed to help the female body find a healthy hormonal balance for better health and well-being.

While the above list of symptoms can be unpleasant to experience at any age, the more severe risk of hormonal imbalance is breast cancer. Estrogen dominance is the most common form of systemic hormonal imbalance that can increase a woman’s risk for breast cancer. Physicians cannot always predict estrogen dominance, which is why women must make regular visits to the gynecologist a priority each year.

Especially in todays lifestyle with all the crazy happening in the world, we can leave our bodies in a constant state of chaos and out of balance. High levels of stress, lack of sleep, overuse of stimulants, and even the foods we consume can put our hormones in a less than optimized state. With its carefully researched and powerful ingredients Harmony is meant to attack these issues directly by helping to balance your hormone levels. And by creating this balance you are going to feel more in control.

We know that even following a perfect diet and exercise routine, if hormone levels are not in your favor it can make achieving your fitness goals difficult. By balancing levels, you will be able to deal with the stresses of life much more effectively and also put your body in a better place to achieve your goals.

If you struggle with symptoms associated with your monthly cycle or menopause, and want better sleep or better mood, Harmony can be your answer to put your body back into a balanced hormone state.

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