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Most of us, when it comes to our big goals are holding ourselves back. One of the most dangerous patterns of thought that our minds concoct is

not believing in ourselves. And how can we expect others to believe in us when we aren't even confident in ourself?


These can appear in ways that are so subtle they sneak up on us in disguise and take hold before we even know what happened. Common limiting self-beliefs can look like:

"I'm too old"

Age is nothing but a number. There are older adults who are more active, fit, and social than people in their

20's. Believe it or not there are teenagers running companies and out earning

people in their 50's.

"I could never do something like that"

Too often people talk themselves out of things they've never done, before they've even attempted to

try. Don't do this to yourself. If you're afraid of public speaking but have always dreamed of it, yes, you can do it. This was my most feared class in college simply because I was afraid of what other people thought of me. Practice in front of a mirror first and "fake it till you make it" If you act confident, sound confident and hold yourself high as if you know exactly what you want and how to do it, things will naturally start falling into place. If you want to dance but don't know how to, take a few lessons, or just dance and not care what anyone else thinks.

"I'm not attractive enough"

Stop. Immediately stop yourself if this thought enters your mind and squash it. You are

beautiful. Do not ever tell yourself you are not attractive enough for something, or someone. You cannot expect others to love you or see your true worth if you don't see it first.

Limiting self-beliefs usually stem from patterns learned in childhood. This can be the outcome of a traumatic event, or a parent, teacher, or other adult lowering your self-worth. When we do not have enough awareness to distinguish false beliefs about who we are, they can overtake our thoughts

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