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Service Description

This will include, a deeper look and focus into your fitness and nutrition. Working mental health in simultaneously so that you can reach and MAINTAIN healthy habits. The program will be designed specifically for your goals. These sessions would be an hour and you would choose how many days of the week you’d want to meet with me. I send over a health and lifestyle questionnaire along with consent forms and if you choose to take this route you would have a free FaceTime or zoom call with me to meet and chat about what you would expect of me and vise Versa. Pricing for these sessions would be $100/session pay as you go $850 for 10 meetings 1-3x a week with a full program design specifically for your fitness goals. And $1500 for 20. Clients pay for whatever package they decide to do before the first session so that you are committed and I can keep you accountable. I am only looking to take on people who are serious about their health because of the time and effort put into you and your program. I believe it is an investment in yourself and your health for both short and long term goals that I can guarantee if you do the work. Nutrition without training $100/week $350- 1month $1800- 6 months Weekly I would be “at your service” daily with check-ins, daily macro numbers you should be hitting, weekly check-ins, FaceTime/zoom calls, tips/advice on what foods you should be consuming specifically based off of your goals and numbers. Supplementation suggestions if needed along with knowledge on how and why you are using them. You would have 24-hour access to me, including text, email, social media, phone, FaceTime/zoom. This is the full blueprint where I would be by your side every step of the way to be absolutely positive that you are successful. Monthly, I would be selling a macro/meal plan that you would follow more independently for a month along with 1x/week check-ins via FaceTime or zoom. 6 months, similar to monthly you would get a different program design every 2 months to be adjusted and followed along with once a week check ins. Each meal plan is checked by myself-a certified fitness nutrition specialist along with an RD to ensure that each plan is suited in the most beneficial way or you to become successful. Nutrition and training Pricing $1200 for both: includes full nutrition program plan design and up to 10 training sessions $6000 for 6 full months or a Full year commitment we would discuss if truly interested.

Contact Details

  • 4136524675

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