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Hi, I’m Mariana! You can also call me Mari. I am a certified personal trainer, certified nutrition specialist and certified behavioral change specialist with a degree in health science. I’ve been working with clients online and in person now for 6 years. 

What is it that fuels you? Growing up mental health has always played a huge role in my life and I have always felt passionate about helping other people. I want to share a bit of my own personal story with you so you can maybe relate, get an understanding of who I am, where I've been, and where I want to go. 


    I’ve spent the past 6 years in the fitness industry, but I have spent my life battling my own mind due to clinical depression, anxiety and eating disorders. I’ve been in my own recovery for 9 years years which is marked by the day I hit my “rock bottom” but decided my story wasn't over. 


    Instead of ending my story, I decided to continue. Was it an easy decision? No. It was the toughest struggle I've ever gone through and I still fight everyday. But that's just it, I'm still fighting which means I'm still here and each day I fight, it gets just a little bit easier. And I think most of us can also relate that to fitness. Getting started can be scary. But each day gets a little easier. 

I channeled all of my energy into fitness, proper nutrition and doing small daily tasks repeatedly over and over to ensure my life and my goals would continue to progress. And then I did the same with thing with other people. I aspired to inspire others to do the same  and then I taught them how to do it. Yes, some days are hard, it's inevitable. I've learned through the years that recovery, or life, in any way is not a linear process. Some days you'll find yourself asking if your goals are even worth it. Life will test you. Your goals will test you. But your life and your goals are 100% worth it. It's during these times that we need to get back up and try again. The only difference between someone who progresses and someone who doesn't is whether or not that person gives up and stops trying. It’s not a race. It’s not easy. But I will teach you how to build the lifestyle you’ve always dreamt of having and it could turn out to be one of the greatest triumphs of your life.

I am accepting both online AND in person clients who are ready to get strong both physically and mentally. I specialize in functional strength training and training dynamically. I custom design each program specifically based on your goals and what you are hoping to achieve. 

If you even had a spark of interest please reach out to me for a free in person or online consultation. I would love to meet, answer any questions you may have, and get working to see those results!

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